About Sinf, (Swedish Industry Association)

Sinf,  Swedish Industry Association is a national organisation of small and medium sized Swedish Industries and service companies. The majority of our member companies are in the sectors of engineering, plastics, electronics, food producing and textiles. Sinf has also expanded in sectors such as information technology, interactive media, computer software, environment and recycling.

We offer a wide range of services and activities. The emphasis of business service is on information, assistance and advice in legal, economical and labour legislation matters. The activities include seminars, workshops, conferences and participation at different exhibitions. Sinf also provides both goods and services on behalf of its members, through a vide range of agreements with several contractors in loging, steel and transport.

Sinf organises twenty-three different trade associations, which are directed by their own councils but whose decisions Sinf staff implement. We inform and assist our member companies in all essential business matters, thus providing relevant and competent business support. Sinf has regular contacts with EU, the Swedish government and other authorities concerning general conditions for small and medium sized manufacturing industries. We are also active in the creation of electronic networks to facilitate an exchange of information and experience concerning technology, competence, internationalisation and market analysis.

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